COVID-19 Notice


December 30, 2020


Dear Residents and Families:

We believe we are turning a corner in this surge of the virus in our Community.  In our most recent round of mass testing, we have fewer staff and residents who tested positive, and we have many residents and staff that previously tested positive coming off of isolation.

Our next scheduled round of mass testing will be today, and, as is typical, we will immediately communicate the results to residents, their responsible parties/designated family members and primary healthcare providers upon learning of the results.

Outside of the periodic testing, we continue to monitor all residents for any signs or symptoms of the virus or any change in their health condition and will contact designated family and primary healthcare providers to discuss any next steps if any changes are noted.

Window visitation remains temporarily suspended until we are deemed by the local health department to be outbreak free. However, remember that we are available to facilitate phone calls and video calls as need.

We are still awaiting information about when our initial vaccine clinic will occur, and we will provide you information as soon as we know more.  Please be aware that even after the initial vaccine, the vaccine benefits will not be present until sometime after the second round of vaccines which will take place at least 21 – 28 days after the first vaccine.

We continue to strongly encourage residents (and ask families to encourage residents) to:

  • Not take trips outside of the building if at all possible (we can work with residents to assist them to obtain anything they may need or to connect with friends/family);
  • When outside of their rooms:
    • Wear masks;
    • Practice good hand hygiene; and
    • Engage in social distancing.

Please reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for assistance.



Mike Marion
Executive Director